A Trip to Nzulezu In The Western of Ghana

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Western Region, Ghana
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The Nzema term “nzulezu” means “surface of the water.” The oldest of the Western Sudanese States, the Ghana Empire, and its capital city Walata are considered to have been the source of the village’s residents’ migration. The village’s forefathers were supposedly transported to their current location by a snail, according to legend

A dynamic interplay between man and environment may be seen in the tranquility of the surrounding area and the everyday routines of life on stilts. It is simply one long pier that locals refer to as Main Street and has houses built on both sides of it. Living quarters are on one side of the “street,” while businesses, a school, a community center, and other commercial enterprises are on the other.

The activities in the village are entirely conducted out on the lake, including the pounding of fufu (a traditional meal), schooling, worship, baptisms, and burials. Village life has been tailored to the specific natural constraints. According to legend, the lake prevents calamities like fire breakouts.

The one-hour dugout canoe trip from the Beyin visitor centre to Nzulezu passes through a pristine series of marshes, swamp forest (the largest stand left in Ghana) and open pools rich with wildlife, including crocodiles, egret, heron and kingfishers. This natural area has been designated as an Important Bird Area based on criteria from Birdlife International.

In addition, the beach adjacent to the visitor centre is the site of a sea turtle conservation project in cooperation with the Ghana Wildlife Society. The project seeks to protect three endangered turtle species that nest on the beach. Evening tours are offered to see the massive turtles laying eggs and their tiny hatchlings making their way to the sea.

One of the highlights of a visit to Nzulezu is certainly the journey to get there. Nzulezu is one part of the Amasuri Wetland, a ramsar site and the largest inland swamp forest in Ghana. After driving as far as the unpaved road will allow for the current conditions, there will be a short walk to get to your canoe. A canoe ride of 45 minutes to an hour passes narrow, lush channels, open plains, and finally the wide expanse of Amansuri Lake. The ride is safe and lifejackets are available.


Stop at the visitor centre in Beyin to arrange a guided tour of the stilt village. You will travel 5 km by dugout canoe for one hour through a succession of lush water habitats that finally open to Lake Tadane. Time: 3 hours

Take a guided evening tour of the beach during the months of October through August to see endangered sea turtle nesting or hatchlings emerging

Enjoy evening drumming and dancing by a local cultural group by special arrangement.

Visit Fort Apollonia in Beyin, one of the smaller of Ghana’s many historic coastal forts. The interior isn’t open to tourists, but you can view the exterior and its picturesque setting on the beach

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May 15 through August. More birds and monkeys are seen on the canoe trip to Nzulezu during the rainy season (May 15 through August) and you can canoe the entire way, versus walking the first 1 km during the dry season. Guided sea turtle walks are offered October through August.

Nzulezu Stilt Village or Nzulezu floating Village is located in the western region of Ghana.

Yes. Nzulezu has a guesthouse called the Homestay Bar and Rest house that is part of the stilt village.

Ankasa Nature Reserve, Fort Apollonia, the Childhood home of Kwame Nkrumah, the first president of an independent Ghana.

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Western Region, Ghana

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