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Travel and Work Abroad with Miafrica

Miafrica is your bridge to a world of opportunities. We’re not just a travel agency; we’re your partner in making your dream of working abroad a reality. 

Why Choose Miafrica For Your  Journey to Travel and Work Abroad?

Ghanaian Experts

We understand your journey, having helped countless Ghanaians secure high-paying jobs and fulfilling lives overseas

Sika Bebree(Financial freedom)

Earn significantly more than local wages and build a future that benefits you and your loved ones back home.

No Wahala Biaa

We handle the nitty-gritty – visas, applications, job searches – so you can focus on landing your dream job.

Holistic support- Abre biaa

Pre-departure guidance, in-country assistance, and ongoing mentoring ensure a smooth transition and success.

Unmatched Options

From skilled trades to professional careers, we have connections across diverse industries and top destinations.

Your Journey to Travel and Work Abroad Starts Now

Free Consultation

Tell us your skills, aspirations, and dream destinations. We’ll assess your fit and craft a personalized plan.

Get Visa-Ready

Our experts navigate the process, ensuring your application hits all the right marks.

Find Your Perfect Job

We unlock exclusive opportunities with reliable employers, tailored to your skillset and interests.

Land with Confidence

We equip you with interview skills and cultural insights to ace your application.

Take Flight

Pack your bags, book your flight, and embark on your life-changing adventure!

Your Journey to Travel and Work Abroad Starts Now

These are estimated salary ranges and can vary depending on experience, qualifications, specific location, and company size


Skilled Trades

Carpenters: $40,000-80,000 CAD

Plumbers: $55,000-100,000 CAD

Registered Nurses: $60,000-90,000 CAD

Data Analysts: $70,000-120,000 CAD

United States

Skilled Trades

Hotel Managers: $50,000-$80,000 USD

Civil Engineers: $65,000-$110,000 USD

Electrical Engineers: $80,000-$130,000 USD

Dentists: $120,000-$180,000 USD


Skilled Trades

Chefs ($65,000-$115,000 AED)

Risk Mgt. Analysts ($65,000-$120,000 AED)

Site Engineers ($70,000-$120,000 AED)

Project Managers ($80,000-$140,000 AED)

United Kingdom

Skilled Trades

Teachers: £35,000-£70,000 

Bricklayers: £35,000-£55,000

Site Managers: £45,000-£75,000

Quantity Surveyors: £50,000-£80,000

Testimonials From Our Clients to Inspire You.

“Thanks to Miafrica, I’m a waiter in Canada, earning a salary I never dreamed of and sending money home to support my family.”

Agnes Opoku, Waitress

“I saw it to be a very long journey to be able to make it to Dubai, but the team at Miafrica made it happen. Now i work a a truck driver and I’m building a future for myself and my future children”

Lindon Mensah.

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Conquering Your Travel & Work Abroad Journey

Uncover the secrets to make your travel and work abroad journey a success. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Miafrica Travel Travel and Work Abroad

What services does Miafrica Travel Agency provide?

The travel and work  abroas team of Miafrica Travel Agency offers a range of services to assist Ghanaians in traveling abroad for work. This includes visa assistance, job placement support, and travel logistics.

How can Miafrica help me find job opportunities abroad?

Miafrica collaborates with international recruiters and employers to connect Ghanaians with job opportunities abroad. We assist in the job search process and guide you through the application procedures.

What countries does Miafrica Travel Agency operate in?

Miafrica specializes in facilitating travel for employment globally. We have partnerships with companies and agencies in various countries, providing diverse opportunities for Ghanaians.

Do I need a visa to work abroad, and how can Miafrica assist with the application process?

Yes, a visa is usually required for employment abroad. Miafrica Travel Agency assists in the visa application process, providing guidance on required documentation, submission procedures, and any other necessary steps.

Can Miafrica help with work permits and legal requirements in the destination country?

Absolutely. Miafrica ensures that all legal requirements, including work permits, are addressed. We provide information on the necessary documentation and support you in obtaining the required permits for your employment.

What types of jobs does Miafrica assist with?

Miafrica covers a wide range of industries and professions, from healthcare and hospitality to information technology and construction. Our goal is to match your skills and preferences with suitable job opportunities.

Make Miafrica the gateway to your Ghanaian dream abroad!