8 Unique Benefits Of Using Hotel Booking Agents to Book Hotels in Ghana

8 unique benefits of using hotel booking agents to book hotels in ghana
March 21, 2023

A few decades ago, if people wanted to book a hotel, they’d go to their local travel or hotel booking agent’s office. After discussion and perhaps having a look through the travel agent’s catalogs, the travelers would express their preferences to the agent, who’d organize hotel and transport bookings for them.

Today, travelers are more likely to start their trip planning process by researching destinations online, and then head to an online travel aggregator to make the bookings themselves. A recent online survey shows that 41% of travelers or those looking to make a booking prefer booking via online travel agencies (OTAs) while 29% book via travel operators or booking agents.

Demographical data shows that people under 35 years of age are more inclined to use OTAs for booking hotel rooms just because they understand how the technology works.

However, using a travel agent still has some unique benefits. Travel agents can find you exclusive fares, offer specialist expertise, and help you plan and coordinate your trip. Even today, many people seek them out for a more customized travel booking experience.

So which option is really better: using a travel agent, or booking your own trip? In this article, we will give 8 Unique Benefits of using hotel hooking agents to book hotels in Ghana

8 Unique Benefits Of Using Hotel Booking Agents to Book Hotels in Ghana

There are several benefits to using a hotel booking agents, including:

1. Convenience:

A hotel booking agent can save you time and effort by handling all the research and booking process for you.

2. Expertise:

Booking agents have a wealth of knowledge and expertise about hotels, including the best deals, locations, and amenities. They can help you find the right hotel that meets your needs and budget.

3. Access to exclusive deals:

Almost all hotel booking agents in Ghana often have access to exclusive deals and discounts that are not available to the public.

4. Personalized service:

Hotel Booking agents can offer personalized service, taking into account your preferences and needs, such as room type, location, and amenities.

5. Assistance with changes and cancellations:

If you need to make changes or cancel your reservation, a booking agent can assist you with the process and save you time and stress.

6. Customer support:

Booking agents in Ghana provide one of the best customer support and help you resolve any issues or concerns you may have during your stay at hotels they have helped you book. Just let them know when there is an issue.

7. Payment Flexibility:

Some booking agents often offer flexible payment options, such as installment plans or payment upon arrival, which can be helpful if you need to budget your expenses.

Overall, a hotel booking agent can help you save time and money, provide expert advice and personalized service, and offer access to exclusive deals and discounts remember that some will charge you small fees for their services.

Cons of using a travel agent

Using a hotel booking agent has many unique benefits, but there are a few reasons why some people prefer self-booking, there are some things a travel agent just can’t provide. Here are some of the cons you’ll find with travel agencies:

Less convenient:

Many travel agents only offer services during certain limited office hours. On the other hand, by booking online, you can make your bookings any time you want. Some online hotel booking sites also offer 24/7 customer support.

Biased advice:

Travel agents earn commissions from hotel operators and airlines, so they have an incentive to push you towards booking flights or hotels that they choose.

Limited choice:

Many travel agencies, especially small consumer-facing agencies, have limited inventories. Online booking platforms wide variety of different travel products to choose from.


Travel agencies often charge large booking fees for their services.

With the above mentioned 8 Unique benefits, the decision really depends on the one making the booking. If you are familiar with making hotel bookings and making payments online, your choice will be to book directly with online booking sites but if you do not have the time and experience, your choice will be to work with a hotel booking agent for a smooth and headache free service.

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