unwto agenda for africa

Tourism for inclusive growth

Advancing the Sustainability Agenda (esp. Biodiversity) SDGs 12, 13, 14, 15

Africa hosts one third of the planet’s biodiversity and is rich with endemic species which provide critical ecosystem services. Wildlife, reserves and geographic treasures make Africa unique and attract international tourists from all over the world. The African tourism sector contributes directly to the economic development of the local communities as well as to the conservation of sensitive areas and habitats through a variety of activities.

The promotion of responsible practices and the adoption of sustainable development models contribute to economic diversification and the creation of jobs along the whole value-chain of tourism. Sustainability deems paramount for fostering the long-term growth of the sector across the African continent and for supporting the resilience of livelihoods, the inclusive development of local and rural communities as well as the improvement of their living standards and conditions. Africa is room of wildlife, geographical and reserve treasures which make the continent a unique and competitive tourism destination worldwide attracting thousands of international tourists every year. The conservation of biodiversity, the protection of the environment and the patterns of circular economy are some core pillars included in UNWTO’s strategical framework for the advancement in the path towards the adoption of sustainable and integrated tourism policies in Africa which represent now more than ever a key issue for the recovery of the industry in the renewed global context brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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