20 Jobs For The Hospitality and Tourism Management (With Duties)

20 Jobs For The Hospitality and Tourism Management (With Duties)
July 06, 2023

The hospitality and tourism industry offers a wide range of exciting career opportunities for individuals with a passion for providing exceptional service and creating memorable experiences. If you’re considering a career in hospitality and tourism management, you’ll be pleased to know that this field is filled with diverse job roles to suit various interests and skill sets. In this article, we will explore 20 rewarding jobs within the hospitality and tourism sector, along with their key duties.

Hotel Manager

As a hotel manager, your responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of hotel operations, managing staff, ensuring guest satisfaction, and maintaining high-quality service standards.

Event Planner

Event planners coordinate and organize various events, such as MICE, weddings, and trade shows, ensuring smooth execution and creating memorable experiences for attendees.

Restaurant Manager

Restaurant managers oversee daily operations, manage staff, handle customer service, maintain hygiene standards, and ensure the profitability of the establishment.

Resort Manager

Resort managers are responsible for managing all aspects of a resort, including accommodation, recreational activities, dining services, and guest satisfaction.

Travel Agent

As a travel agent, you assist clients in planning and arranging their travel itineraries, including flights, accommodations, and activities, providing expert advice and ensuring a smooth travel experience.

Cruise Director

Cruise directors are responsible for coordinating onboard activities, entertainment, and excursions, ensuring an enjoyable and memorable experience for cruise passengers.

Tour Guide

Tour guides lead groups of tourists, providing them with historical and cultural information about various destinations and ensuring their safety and satisfaction throughout the tour.

Revenue Manager

Revenue managers analyze market trends, set pricing strategies, and optimize revenue for hotels and other accommodation establishments.

Guest Relations Manager

Guest relations managers focus on ensuring exceptional guest experiences, handling guest feedback, resolving complaints, and maintaining strong relationships with customers.

Casino Manager

Casino managers oversee casino operations, manage staff, ensure compliance with regulations, and create a safe and enjoyable gaming environment for patrons.

Convention Services Manager

Convention services managers coordinate and plan conventions and large-scale events like MICE, working closely with clients to meet their specific needs and requirements.

Food and Beverage Manager

Food and beverage managers oversee the operations of dining establishments, including menu planning, managing staff, maintaining quality standards, and ensuring guest satisfaction.

Spa Manager

Spa managers are responsible for the overall management of spa facilities, including staff supervision, treatment offerings, guest services, and maintaining a serene and relaxing environment.

Sales and Marketing Manager

Sales and marketing managers develop strategies to promote hotels, resorts, or travel destinations, attract customers, and increase bookings and revenue.

Front Office Manager

Front office managers oversee the reception area of hotels, supervising front desk staff, managing reservations, and ensuring smooth check-in and check-out processes for guests.

Airline Manager

Airline managers oversee airline operations, including flight scheduling, aircraft maintenance, staff management, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Banquet Manager

Banquet managers coordinate and oversee the planning and execution of events, such as weddings, corporate banquets, and parties, ensuring smooth operations and guest satisfaction.

Tour Operator

Tour operators create and organize tour packages, manage logistics, coordinate accommodations and transportation, and ensure an enjoyable travel experience for clients.

Hospitality Consultant

Hospitality consultants provide expert advice to hospitality businesses on various aspects, such as operations, marketing, customer service, and profitability.

Resort Activities Coordinator

Resort activities coordinators plan and organize recreational activities and entertainment programs for guests, ensuring a fun and engaging experience during their stay.


The hospitality and tourism industry presents an array of enticing job opportunities for individuals seeking a dynamic and rewarding career path. From hotel management to event planning, tour guiding to sales and marketing, there are numerous roles to explore in this vibrant industry.

By familiarizing yourself with these jobs and their corresponding duties, you can gain a better understanding of the diverse career paths available within hospitality and tourism management. Whether your interests lie in guest services, event coordination, or strategic planning, there is a role suited to your skills and passion.

Remember, the key to success in this industry lies in providing exceptional service, creating memorable experiences, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and developments. So, if you have a knack for hospitality, a love for travel, and a desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives, consider pursuing a career in hospitality and tourism management. The opportunities are limitless, and the experiences are bound to be extraordinary.

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