Renting The Best Types of Cars According to the Type of Trips in Ghana

Renting The Best Types of Cars According to the Type of Trips in Ghana
December 23, 2023

Whether you’re exploring the historical sites of Accra, venturing into the lush greenery of the Volta Region, or embarking on a coastal road trip, having the right type of rental car can significantly enhance your travel experience. In this guide, we’ll explore the best types of cars to rent in Ghana based on the type of trip you’re planning.

Things to consider when choosing a rental car in Ghana

You have finally decided to rent a car when in Ghana which is just one part of the deal but before you finally pick up your car there is another important question you need to ask yourself and that is

What type of car is suitable for my trip?

  • The number of people in your travel group: If you’re traveling with a large group, you’ll need a spacious car that can comfortably accommodate everyone and their luggage. Consider minivans or SUVs for larger groups.
  • The type of terrain you’ll be driving on: Ghana has a variety of road conditions, from paved highways to unpaved dirt roads. If you’re planning on doing any off-road driving, you’ll need a sturdy car with good ground clearance. 4x4s are ideal for off-road adventures.
  • Your budget: Car rental prices in Ghana can vary depending on the type of car, the rental company, and the time of year. Set a budget before you start shopping and stick to it.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best rental car options for different types of trips in Ghana:

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  1. City Exploration in Accra: Compact Cars When navigating the bustling streets of Accra, a compact car is your best companion. These nimble vehicles are perfect for maneuvering through traffic, finding parking in busy markets, and exploring the vibrant neighborhoods of the capital city. Compact cars are fuel-efficient, making them an economical choice for city driving.
  2. Coastal Road Trip: SUVs and 4x4s Ghana boasts a stunning coastline with picturesque beaches and charming fishing villages. If you’re planning a coastal road trip to destinations like Cape Coast or Axim, consider renting an SUV or a 4×4. These sturdy vehicles provide a comfortable ride and are well-equipped to handle varying road conditions, ensuring you can reach those hidden gems along the coast.
  3. Adventure in the Volta Region: Off-Road Vehicles The Volta Region is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers, with its lush landscapes and outdoor activities. For exploring the off-the-beaten-path destinations and unpaved roads of the Volta Region, renting an off-road vehicle or an all-terrain SUV is recommended. These vehicles provide the necessary traction and durability for a thrilling exploration of the region’s natural beauty.
  4. Cultural Tour: Minivans If you’re traveling with a group or planning to visit cultural sites with family and friends, a spacious minivan is an excellent choice. Minivans offer ample seating and storage space, making them ideal for longer journeys to places like Kumasi, where you can delve into the rich history and traditions of the Ashanti Kingdom.
  5. Business Travel: Luxury Cars For business trips or when you want to add a touch of sophistication to your travel experience, consider renting a luxury car. These vehicles provide comfort, style, and advanced features, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride as you navigate between meetings and events in cities like Accra or Kumasi.

I would like to sum it up by saying, choosing the right type of rental car in Ghana can significantly enhance your travel experience, making it more enjoyable and convenient. Selecting the best-suited vehicle for your trip is key. Always consider factors such as group size, destination, and road conditions to ensure a safe and comfortable journey through this beautiful West African nation.

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