What’s the Difference Between a Meeting and an Event?

Meetings vs events
On October 8, 2021

These days the words meetings and events are being used interchangeably just because people do not really know that there is a difference between meetings and events. In fact, there is a difference between meetings and events.

First and foremost: All meetings are events but not all events are meetings.

When people are speaking about events, they are most likely talking about Special Events, which can be either corporate or not-for-profit. Either way, the goal of a Special Event is to commemorate, celebrate, or raise awareness. Examples include a company’s award ceremony, a ribbon cutting event, or a nonprofit’s annual gala.

Meetings serve an educational or business purpose. Examples include a seminar or a board of directors meeting. A meeting can have a special event within it. For example, the annual meeting of an association can have an awards dinner as part of the multi-day agenda.

And while we’re on the topic of definitions. What’s the difference between an expo and a trade show? Expos are open to the public while trade shows have a business to business purpose where commerce takes place.

Have more questions about meetings vs. events?

What is classed as an event?

An event is classified as something happening at a predetermined time and place. Practically speaking any pre-set gathering could be classified as an event.What are the types of meetings?

Broadly speaking there are four types of meetings:
– Informational: to teach and learn
– Decision-Making: to collaborate and align
– Innovation: to collaborate and ideate
– Sales: to convince a customer


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